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    Crayola Mighty Marks are compact creative tools that pack a colorful punch!

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    It's easy to create customizable adventure scenes that pop! Use the included 3-D glasses to transform the three full-color pages (pirate ship, knight's castle, and space) into multi-dimensional scenes. The reusable stickers in this extra-large activity pad cling securely to the sturdy pages, and then peel off easily whenever kids are ready to make a...

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    No-mess painting for kids! This exciting paint-with-water coloring book includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen. Simply use the pen to color in each scene--details and vibrant color appear with every stroke! Then let the page dry to erase the pictures and fill it in again and again.    

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    Encourage the beginning stages of walking and musical exploration with the Pull Along Tune A Fish. Your little one will love creating their own music while drumming on the xylophone keys. Tune A Fish will also make his own music as you pull him along with his pull cord! Children will develop motor skills and learn cause and effect with this fun musical...

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    When the puzzle is assembled, it becomes a game Play the game in two ways Object Recognition - by having the child place a game piece over the object on the border once it is located inside the illustration Word Recognition - Flip over the game piece and the name of the object appears  Puzzle Doubles are a fun and educational tool for all early learners...

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    Chemistry has never been this gross—or fun! That's Gross Science features a motorized toilet bowl mixer with real flushing sounds and a gross-tastic science lab book packed with 26 super gross activities. Experiments include Foaming Flush, Snot Slime, Potty Putty, and *Winner of the 2013 SheKnows Parenting Award (Best Toy)  

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    Compact and chique, a variety of 25 classic board games designed in a slim tin case, printed both sides with magnetic pawns and pieces. Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages.

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    The high piece count makes for a more challenging puzzle experience--great for adults as well as children ages 12 and up. Melissa & Doug cardboard jigsaw puzzles are made using durable, high-quality materials. The sturdy pieces--each uniquely shaped--resist peeling, fading, and creasing, so the stunning high-gloss artwork will stay looking great for...

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    Ahoy, maties! In this exciting balancing game, players take turns completing treasure maps and sailing the tippy pirate ship for calm seas or rough waters. See how many pirates you can keep aboard while pulling the sea boards through the waves. Earn a gold coin for each crew member that doesn't take the plunge, and collect the most coins to win!

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    Create colorful, enchanting scenes that pop! There are 30 pages of color-coded illustrations to fill in with markers. Use the included 3-D glasses to transform the colored pages into multi-dimensional looking scenes -- warm colors like red and orange come forward, while cool colors like blue and green recede into the background! A terrific activity for...

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    Experiment and make a gooey, slowing slime that actually glows in the dark! • Hands on experiment that encourage kids learn the wonders of science.• Perfect project for kids of all ages and be amazed to discover how creatures, such as hagfish, use slime to defend themselves while others, such as snail, use slime to help them move around.• Kit includes:...

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    Keep money safe with a fun 3D model of the moon that glows in the dark! • Teach kids how  to save• Moon glows in the dark• Includes a real meteorite from space!• National Geographic’s net proceeds support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs. Recommended Age: 3 years and above Includes: 1 x Glow-in-the-dark Moon Bank

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    Power in your pocket!

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    Make your own custom colors! Now with wacky tips! Contains 3 ink bottles, 2 marker boxes, 2 measuring tubes, mixing chart, tweezers, 16 marker part sets (barrels, labels, cores, tips, caps, and plugs) and the marker maker!    

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    The Color Alive Easy Animation Studio is an exhilarating expansion of the Color Alive line of interactive coloring products. After downloading the free app, kids ages six and up simply hover their smartphone or tablet over the coloring page to import their character into the app. Then, they can configure the included mannequin in cool poses, snapping...

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    Big Floor Puzzle of Numbers, Animals and Color & Shapes in Bundle Helps child to teach numbers and counting, introduce animals and familiar colors and shapes Educational benefits: tactile, motor, and language Fun and brightly illustrated 21 in x 14 in floor puzzle Recommended age: 3 years and above

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    • Officially licensed by Marvel• Contains 12 packs of Memo pads• Contains 20 sheets per memo pad which measures 5.70cm x 9.50cm per pad• Compact and good for drawing and writing notes

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    This charming board book introduces young children to different types of animals and the places they live in a fun and interactive way. The unique format, combining delightful illustrations with dramatic close up photographs, is sure to engage youngsters as they explore each animal's home.

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    It's easy to paint every detail in the picture with this set of fine tip paint brushes. The set includes four easy to grasp brushes with high quality bristles and easy-clean handles in a plastic storage pouch.

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