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    These unique triangular crayons fit naturally between little fingers so young children can color freely and without frustration Plus, they won't roll off the table! washable 8 colors. Ages 24 months+

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    The triangular shape is easy to grasp while guiding little fingers to a proper writing grip. The triangular shape also prevents markers from rolling away and getting lost. Includes 8 different marker colors with crush-proof gumball nibs that are formulated for easy clean up.  

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    Set your little artist free to create with color without the worry of coloring on their clothes. The reusable smock includes sleeves with elastic cuffs and adjustable Velcro straps for a universal fit and easy clean up.

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    The triangular shape is easy to grasp while stamping out 3 different shapes (square, triangle, circle). The triangular shape also prevents stampers from rolling away and getting lost. Includes 3 stampers with caps in 3 different washable ink colors (red, yellow, blue) for easy stamping and clean up.

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    Keep your little artist busy with this huge assortment of art tools designed for toddlers. These tools were created specifically for preschoolers and have a triangular shape that guides little fingers to a proper writing grip. The Tripod Grip tools include 8 markers, 3 stampers, 4 paintbrush pens and 8 crayons all with Ultra Clean Washable colors. Also...

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    Fold-up mat with built-in storage and convenient carrying handles let you take these reusable dry-erase activities anywhere!

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    Create Bright Paintings Worth Framing Give your aspiring painter a canvas for the imagination with the My First Crayola Paint & Canvas Kit. This kit includes three large canvases--one measuring 8 inches by 10 inches and two measuring 5 inches by 7 inches--that offer ample space for free and fun painting. The canvases also can be framed (with frames...

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    8 assorted colors of triangular shaped washable crayons: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Brown, Black.

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    Turn your toddler’s imagination into colorful creativity with this Washable Stamping Kit. With 4 Tripod Grip Stampers, 8 Tripod Grip Crayons, 20 activity sheets and Idea Guide, this kit has everything needed to engage preschoolers in creative exploration, color and shape recognition, and creative play.

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    Your toddler will enjoy the magic of painting with these specially designed Paintbrushes. Each Brush has a chunky, jumbo handle that's easy to grasp by toddlers while creating. Each Brush also has an unique Brush tip for a variety of colorful outputs. Easy clean up with warm water. Includes 3 Jumbo Paintbrushes.

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    These strong, extra-thick colored pencils lay down solid colors in large areas while coloring. The triangular shape is easy to grip and promotes more purposeful and controlled drawing. Includes 8 Triangular Colored Pencils in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black. Builds eye-hand coordination

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    My First Crayola Scribbled Egg Crayons are solid crayon colors in a fun, easy-to-grip shape! These whimsical art tools are both colorful and full of colorand made to outlast toddlerhood! Includes 3 Scribbled Egg Crayons.

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    Children will create and connect with bold Crayola colors while developing fine motor skills! Triangular shape guides little fingers to a proper writing grip. Promotes more purposeful and controlled drawing.

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    The Crayola Color and Erase Mat is a less-mess solution for bright, colorful play. Simply open up the large reusable mat for your little artist and let their creativity run wild. The special marker inks create bold colors that are easily wiped away with water using the included eraser tool. When done, simply wipe away the colors and roll up the mat for...

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    Discover the music in a doodle! Color Me a Song lets kids create a song while they draw. The faster they scribble – the faster the rhythm of the music. Select from four different instruments – piano, banjo, trumpet and drum. Includes batteries, 4 Ultra-Clean Washable Triangular Crayons and 3 sheets of paper.

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    Now little artists can create on a contained gel paint surface where the paint stays in the board not on hands! Board lights up and plays music—12 light colors and songs in all! Use fingers or included Easy-Grip Stylus to create! Perfect for ages 24 months and up!

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    Give your toddler the power of creativity play with the My first Crayola Mess-Free Touch-Light! This self-contained gel tablet includes exciting colored lights and sound too! The sealed gel surface is safe for doodling with fingers- perfect for mess-free, portable play.

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    One side has a sealed gel surface for mess-free doodling and tactile play. The other side has a reusable drawing surface for creating scribbles with the included Ultra Clean Washable crayons. Simply wipe the surface to doodle again and again! Includes Double Doodle Board and 3 Tripod Grip Crayons.

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    Safe paper cutting for preschoolers with 3 different cutting edges (straight, wavy, zigzag). The My First Crayola Safety Scissors are specifically designed for little hands with rounded tips and plastic blades to safely cut paper only—not hair or skin. Includes 3 plastic safety scissors with 3 different cutting edges.

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    Let your toddler create over and over again with the My First Crayola Reusable Activity Kit. Simply slide a sheet into the mat and doodle away with the Ultra Clean Washable Tripod Grip Crayons. When they’re done, simply wipe off and pack it up in the self-contained, portable mat. Includes activity mat, 4 washable Tripod Grip Crayons and 10 reusable...

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