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    The Cling Creator has all the tools kids need to unleash their creativity through designing and producing removable clings. Make up to 20 clings from the included molds or create your own mold designs using clay. Create single-color clings or experiment with color mixing and effects. The opportunities for creative expression are endless. For children ages...

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    Create your own custom color markers in minutes! Use the mixing guide to create your colors-or make up your own. Includes the Marker Maker unit, components for making 16 markers, 3 bottles of ink, mixing guide, marker labels and 2 marker storage boxes.

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    Add your own custom colors to your marker collection with the Crayola Marker Maker Tropi-Cool Refill pack. This set comes with all you need to create 12 brand new pastel colors. Use the color mixing guide to mix and measure ink, fill up the barrels with your color creations, and label them for future projects.

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    Discover the magic of mixing colors and assembling your own assortment of markers with Mix & Make Markers! Includes 8 marker part sets.

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    Children get to make their mark on their own crayons with the Crayon Carver. The motorized engraving machine comes with 40 tiles, including all the letters of the alphabet and fourteen fun icons that kids can use to carve messages and designs onto their crayons. A special brush helps dust off leftover crayon shavings to reveal crisp engravings. The Crayon...

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