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Crayola - Color Wonder Drawing Pad

Great for coloring on the road or at home, the Crayola Color Wonder Drawing Pad allow kids to fully express themselves without making a mess. The Color Wonder markers are filled with special ink that only appears on Color Wonder paper--and not on fabrics, furniture, skin, or other surfaces.

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Inks Are Invisible Except on Special Paper

Color Wonder ink doesn't color on walls, carpets, clothes, or skin. The magic mess-free ink only shows up on special Color Wonder paper, so you don't have to worry about cleanup. Simply glide the marker over the paper to reveal bold, dazzling colors.

Coloring Scenes Set Deep in the Ocean

With 18 pages of playful seascapes and marine critters, this Color Wonder kit gives kids the chance to color in their favorite moments from the Finding Dory film. The bold, clear line art helps kids navigate the coloring pages without dictating their choices, so they can use their imaginations to fill in the rest.

Tools That Stretch the Imagination

Full of characters, scenes, and props from Finding Dory, this Color Wonder kit helps kids ages three and up recreate undersea landscapes and their favorite characters in their own colorful way. By giving kids the tools to interpret the world of Finding Dory, this kit helps them explore the power of their own imaginations.

Package Contents

18-page Color Wonder coloring book and 5 broad line Color Wonder markers.

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