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    The Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio has been redesigned to hold even more of your favorite mess-free coloring tools! Now there’s more storage for markers and space to keep a Color Wonder stamp pad and stamps. Perfect for on-the-go creativity! Includes a bigger 30-page Color Wonder pad and 4 mess-free markers. 3+RECOMMENDEDFOR AGES 3 AND UP  

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    Crayola Sticker Art Set Create Melted Crayon Art Crayon Melter not included

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    Dough Numbers Set30 x Numbers & Signs3 x 2oz Dough Tubs2 x Dough Tools

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    Kids can be even more colorful and wear their art in a variety of vivid colors which can be transferred to fabric with an iron.

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    Fold-up mat with built-in storage and convenient carrying handles let you take these reusable dry-erase activities anywhere!

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    Washable Kids' Paint includes 10 non-toxic water-based paint that is great for arts, crafts, and school projects. Decorate book covers, signs or posters can be used with various brushes, stamps, or sponges to create interesting patterns and designs! 10 colors include: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green ,Turquoise, Blue, Violet, Magenta, Brown, and White Check...

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    The Crayola No-Run formula dries clear and resists cracking, making glue projects cleaner and easier. All Crayola School Glues are nontoxic and washable. Each bottle features a "no clog" tip and a "no lose" cap that attaches to the back of the applicator. Use It at Home and SchoolWhether they're making something at home or doing crafts at school, kids...

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    The Crayola Silly Scents Marker Goin' to the Beach Activity Kit gives kids the tools they need to create colorful, scented artwork in a playful beach theme. The markers feature sweet and stinky scents that correspond to the comic book content. Great for gifting, the kit pairs the fun of a day at the beach with the creativity of coloring and drawing.  

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    Create Bright Paintings Worth Framing Give your aspiring painter a canvas for the imagination with the My First Crayola Paint & Canvas Kit. This kit includes three large canvases--one measuring 8 inches by 10 inches and two measuring 5 inches by 7 inches--that offer ample space for free and fun painting. The canvases also can be framed (with frames...

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    Crayola Canvas Art Set use with Crayon Melter Create Melted Crayon Art Crayon Melter not included

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     Make your own washable markers in customized colors  Contains 1 Marker Snapping Tool, 8 Marker Labels, 1 Tweezers, 3 ink bottles, 1 Measuring Tube, 1 Mixing Guide, 8 Marker Part Sets (Barrels, Cores, Tips, Caps, Plug) Recommended age: 8 years and above Bundled with extra Mighty Marks markers and washable glue

    ₱500.00 ₱1,176.25
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    It’s magical, mess-free stamping and coloring with a sensory twist—scented inks! Color Wonder stamper ink and markers only color on special Color Wonder paper so all other surfaces are safe. Includes 12 pages of blank Color Wonder paper, 5 mess-free scented markers (cherry, blueberry, orange, lime and banana), 1 scented ink pad (chocolate) and 5...

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    Crayola Mighty Marks are compact creative tools that pack a colorful punch!     Washable     Non-toxic

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    Color-Reveal turns coloring inside out! The smooth, black-coated surface of each dinosaur-themed board is printed with the outlines of an exciting picture; the full-color dinosaurs hide just beneath the surface. Simply scratch in your lines, dots, swirls and patterns with the wooden stylus to reveal the hidden colors and make each prehistoric artwork your...

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    These strong, extra-thick colored pencils lay down solid colors in large areas while coloring. The triangular shape is easy to grip and promotes more purposeful and controlled drawing. Includes 8 Triangular Colored Pencils in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black. Builds eye-hand coordination

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    Crayola Mighty Marks are compact creative tools that pack a colorful punch!     Washable     Non-toxic

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    10 non-toxic modeling clay sticks

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    Easy, step-by-step directions show exactly how to create face-painting looks that children will love! More than 35 designs include full-face disguises, as well as kid-friendly symbols, accents, and icons for just a touch of creative color. The set includes six water-based face paints that apply easily, dry quickly, and wash away cleanly, so there's less...

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    Crayola Washable Glitter GlueSuper Sparkle- 5 Dazzling ColorsNon toxicAcid Free

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    Content:2 transfer sheets2 pots of glitter (Blue, Silver)1 silver brush*Could be simply applied on the skin. *Waterproof, not only a Tattoo, easy to remove and lasts up to 7 days *This product is for girls aged 6 years and up

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    Reveal four different neon colors when you etch your designs on these sizzling-hot boards! Black-coated boards are your blank canvas for four high-contrast, high-impact artworks. A wooden stylus and a stencil sheet--with dozens of cool cutouts--are included. 3488 Dimensions: 10"L x 6.5"W Packaged

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    Personalize and decorate fabric clothing, accessories and more with these fine line markers. The bright, bold Crayola colors work on both light and dark fabrics! Includes 10 fine line Fabric Markers allowing you to create colorful, detailed designs on clothes and accessories!

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    The Cling Creator has all the tools kids need to unleash their creativity through designing and producing removable clings. Make up to 20 clings from the included molds or create your own mold designs using clay. Create single-color clings or experiment with color mixing and effects. The opportunities for creative expression are endless. For children ages...

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    The Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper lets you add your own layer of style to accessories and gadgets you already have. The motorized threading machine spins thread around your favorite art supplies, fashion accessories, and more. You'll love upcycling old gear and giving it a bold new colorful wrap. Create custom color thread and further embellish your...

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